3 Week Furniture Workshop

FFD 301 Furniture Design Studio, Izmir University of Economics, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

Lecturers: Stefano Pugliese, Cengiz Ultav, Hande Atmaca, Çağdaş Cantürk 

Guest: Sebastián Erazo


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The main goal of the course was to get students closer to the discipline of Furniture Design by starting from the work of professionals that have made furniture which contributes to the development of material culture. This year, the case study was Sebastián Erazo.

Students took part in a 3-week workshop, during which they took on the following tasks:

1.Critical study of constructive and technical characteristics of 8-9 pieces of furniture.

2.Scale models 1:5 analysis and study of simplifications and or modifications to the original design.

3.Fabrication of 1:1 pieces to be exhibited at the Faculty.

Dates: October 5th-26th, 2016


Izmir Ekonomi University

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design: Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Department of Industrial Design

FFD 301 Furniture Design Studio


Stefano Pugliese, Architect (Politecnico di Milano), Cengiz Ultav, Industrial Designer (Middle East Institute of Technology), Hande Atmaca, Architect (Istanbul Institute of Technology), Çağdaş Cantürk(Industrial Designer Izmir Faculty of Economics)

Guest: Sebastian Erazo, Architect

First Analysis and models -12-10-2016

First Analysis and models -12-10-2016

Exam day 02-11-2016

Exam day 02-11-2016

Some of the Workshop's results 26-10-2016

Some of the Workshop's results 26-10-2016

Workday 2 -19/10/2016

Workday 2 -19/10/2016