Twinpigs bench

Berlin, Germany

Bespoke furniture built in front of the main counter of Twinpigs' Bar in Berlin, Neukölln. It was built using 100-yr old reclaimed wood taken from the floor of an old apartment in the same building.

Fronts are stained black, tops and lower rail are finished with hardoil (made on basis of oils and resins from sustainable raw materials).  This treatment makes softwoods harden, and therefore resistant to scratches and daily use. It is also water repelent and the white pigment impregnates the soft grow rings of the wood giving it a bright surface with a very high refractive index. It is also UV light resistant, avoiding deterioration through light exposure. Tops and fronts include an extra layer of bee and carnauba wax.

General dimensions are 550x44x110cm (LxWxH)

Built with: Paulo de Araujo, Architect


2015-10-25 | THE FUSSY